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    Matt Rendell, founder & director

Treehouse Films is a creative-led video production company, tailored to meet the demands of online marketing and communication.

We promise a quick, cost-efficient turnaround and a cohesive output that sensitively reflects a brand's identity, ideas and objectives.

We take no risks with your budgets and selectively work with highly-skilled, trustworthy and dedicated individuals. We don't waste time, we strongly believe that compact video crews often lead to a higher level of productivity and a more relaxed creative environment, improving performances in front of camera.

Taking the learnings from each shoot directly into the edit suite, we are quick to extract a narrative with a strong and meaningful brand presence that will connect with online audiences and drive social engagement.

Creativity exists in all of us and, when developing a story, we encourage openness and collaboration to help us to make informed creative decisions.

We welcome you to contact us to find out how we can help to tell your story.

Tel:           (+44) 7774 315 234